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So youíve just got engaged and now youíre thoughts are
turned to that momentous day in your life - your wedding
day - but where to begin?
Because the planning of your wedding day is such an
important event, itís important to consider recording this
special day on video. This is where we at Real Flix Media
come in, as part of your wedding video package we
allocate the time to go through the finer details with you.
If possible we attend the wedding rehearsal, we check the
wedding venues for lighting, audio qualities, camera
position and many other aspects so that on the day we are
fully prepared to capture every detail of your wedding.

When it comes to covering your wedding, most of our
packages include 2 cameras to make sure different angles
and aspects of the day are recorded. At production time
we make use of multi-camera editing technology to focus
on important and memorable parts of the wedding day and
add interest to the final video production.

Although most of our wedding videography is in Adelaide
South Australia, we are available for videoing weddings in
other parts of Australia and at resort locations in other
Now that youíve decided on the type of wedding and location
itís important to book. Be early especially if the location is
popular, itís not unusual that some wedding venues are
booked 18 months in advance!

OK the wedding ceremony location and reception venue are
booked and the date is set. Now itís important to consider
booking the date of the photographer and wedding
videographer. Remember that many more weddings take
place in the warmer months of the year, so if youíre planning
your wedding for spring through to autumn, itís important to
book early. Remember also that by far the majority of
weddings take place on a Saturday or Sunday further
restricting the availability of services.
Planning Your Wedding & Video

Planning Your Wedding

Filming Your Wedding

Videoing a Wedding

Helpful Links for Wedding Videos
Helpful Links
To help with your wedding day plans, we have included some links to other web sites that you may find helpful. You will find budget planning and wedding schedule tools and suggestions that may ease the stress. (note that Real Flix Media is not associated with any of these sites and has no control over the content they provide)
Resort Wedding Video
Once both bride and groom to be have agreed on the wedding type youíll be able to narrow down your location, everything else will pretty much be determined by this decision.
Wedding Video Locations
You want it to be a memorable occasion, one that will bring happiness and joyful thoughts every time you recall that special day, you are determined to have everything perfectly organised well in advance . . . . but where to start? There are so many things that will need to be organised and time will slip away very quickly if you donít prioritise the most important aspects.
After deciding on the approximate date of the wedding, the next most important decision will be the type of wedding you want, traditional, garden, beach or perhaps a resort location wedding - the list of wedding styles are really as wide as your imagination.
Download a sample Wedding Planner