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Are you running conferences, seminars or
training sessions? What better way to add
value to your corporate function than to
record it on video to be utilized in the future.
You may have a seminar that you want to
record and make available to a wider audience
than just those who are able to attend.
Increase your market influence to a wider
audience through the medium of video.
It could be a training session on your products
or company safety that could be handed to
new employees as part of the induction to
your company. For those events that would
benefit from being recorded on video we can
offer the services of one or two cameramen
to give complete coverage of your event or
How do you want to present your
video content? On DVD or Blu-ray disc
or in a format that is suitable for
your web site? As part of our post
production facilities we can encode
your content in a variety of formats
and compression rates suitable for
most applications.
Presenting your products using video can dramatically help demonstrate the features and benefits to the customer. Its not always feasible to take every potential customer to the location where your product is being used, but with aid of a video presentation, the customer can be shown much more than just seeing the actual product.
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Rates for Corporate Video and Videographers
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Rates are current as of June 2016
Single camera operator rate:       $130.00 per hour
Two operator camera crew rate:  $185.00 per hour
Pre and post production charges:   $80.00 per hour:
These rates are indicative and donít reflect other variable charges such as travel and accommodation for more distant locations, or specialised equipment hire that may be needed to undertake the project. Minimum charges may apply.

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Minimum charges apply
Prices subject to change without notice