Video Editing
When it comes to editing, our trained media
specialists take the raw footage of your event and
add titles, transitions, music and special effects and
can make it available in a variety of media formats,
from DVD, Flu-ray Disc and media for the web.
With multi camera editing facilities we can film
your event from various angles, transitioning
between different aspects and providing picture in
picture for added interest.
Filming On-Location
In most situations, our cameras are able to capture
all the action in vivid colour with only the natural
lighting and standard room lighting. However,
because every situation and location is different we
attempt to assess each location prior to filming and
will suggest lighting options if necessary. Where
filming is required in very dimly light locations, we
will generally only need to use the latest LED camera
mounted lighting to enhance the subject.

We are a small company with a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and creative staff who take great pride in bringing out the best in video.

Whilst we are based in Adelaide, South Australia and most of our clients are from the greater Adelaide area, we take on projects from even the remotest parts of Australia.

With island resort weddings being very popular it can mean travelling to off shore destinations.

Who Are We
We have over 15 years
experience in the field
of digital videography
and bring a wealth of
understanding to real
life event filming.
Duncan, whose
background is in
manufacturing and
management has
extensive experience in project planning. Having taken up videography as a hobby over 20 years ago didnít take long for his passion in this field to be turned into a profession.
Aaron undertook
tertiary studies in
Film and Media
continued his studies
and has worked on a
number of short
He brings a wealth of
technical expertise in
both camera operations,
special effects and 3D
St Marys by the Sea
Port Douglas, QLD
All Saints Chapel
Hamilton Island, QLD