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Real Flix Media Event Video Services
Whatever your special event, Real
Flix  Media can capture those
moments that are most important
to you. We use the latest in small
format professional high  definition
digital video cameras which means
the cameraman is far less intrusive,
helping you and your guests enjoy
every moment of that special event.
We provide video recording and
production services for a wide
variety of situations.
Here are just some of the events:
•  Wedding Videos
•  Birthdays and Anniversary Video
•  Christening and Baptism Video
•  Dance Recital Video
•  School Performance Video
•  Funeral Video
•  Corporate Event Videos
•  Training Videos
•  Product Promotional Videos
•  Video for the Web
Providing video and post
production for training videos,
promotional videos, as well as
seminars and  product release
Capturing those memorable events
such as weddings and recording
them onto DVD or Blu-ray disc. Our
production team works closely with
you to ensure that the final result
brings out the very best of your
Whatever your video
requirements, Real Flix Media
can deliver them in a format
that is suitable for all your web
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Wedding Video
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Corporate Event Video

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Video for the Web

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Event Video Creation

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